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Real Changes

Different students come to Da Vinci International for different reasons. Some of them are above their grade level and work so fast that get bored because they are always ahead of their class and are not challenged.

Some years ago, one of our students completed all the contents of First Grade in one Quarter, then she was able to complete Second Grade in one Semester. She,then completed Third Grade. She did a great job.

Some other students come because they are struggling in a specific area (writing, reading or math). The pictures below show the work of one child that was struggling in writing. The first one is the alphabet as she wrote it the first week she attended Da Vinci International. The second shows the alphabet she wrote after the “Correction Treatment” two weeks later.  

Here are some of the comments parents make about Da Vinci International

This is the opinion of Jaime V., a mother of one of our students who started in Pre-first Grade, three years ago:

“Da Vinci is a wonderful school. The environment is very comforting and the staff consists of loving and caring people. When I was first looking for schools to enroll my son in, I really didn't feel that any fit my child's potential. When I went to the interview for Da Vinci, I felt an instant connection. Da Vinci was the only school that was willing to give my child the chance to excel. I felt my child was in very trusting hands and he is now currently two grades more advanced for age. I love the student to teacher ratio and that every individual student has a curriculum made to fit their educational growth. I feel this provides for more improvement and a thorough understanding of their studies.

I would highly recommend Da Vinci to anyone who is looking for a school to enroll their child. I am extremely grateful for everything this school has done to mould my child into the child he is today. Having a child who actually loves going to school says a lot. I can not wait to see how my second child will benefit from going there. Thank you for everything and for the years that are yet to come."

About Jack

“Jack has attended Da Vinci International since September 2014. He began as a first grader after completing Kindergarten at a Montessori Preschool.  Having been in a nontraditional school, Jack had some holes to fill. He was also very nervous to start a new school and very shy. We are very proud of the incredible progress Jack has made this year. He is enrolled in the Bilingual Program so he spends 3 hours a day studying English and 3 hours a day with the Japanese teacher. Despite only being with the English teacher for half a day, Jack completed the Catch Up Program and both the first and second grade curriculum this year. He has worked very hard and has obviously learned a lot. Many subjects come easily to him, but writing, for example, is something he does not like. His teacher insisted that he take this subject as seriously as the ones he prefers, and I am happy to say I can now read his handwriting! Jack is excited to go to school every day and proud of his new knowledge and skills, and that’s the highest praise I can offer Da Vinci International: it has nurtured Jack’s love of learning and kept his curiosity alive rather than squashing it as so often happens. Socially Jack has flourished as well. He went from telling me daily that he doesn’t play with anyone to being confident and secure with his classmates. Living in Japan, I am also very thankful of the opportunity for Jack to study the language. He has made a lot of progress this year, and I’m so excited for him to continue to do so next year. Asano sensei does a great job making the language fun and accessible for the kids. Thank you Da Vinci International for providing such a wonderful environment for Jack to grow and learn!"

- Christen M.

About Caroline

Here is a success story about our eight year old daughter. Before she started classes at Da Vinci, she attended a local facility. Although she was completing her studies and passing, her anger was out of control, her attention span was almost non-existent, and she lacked the appropriate social skills to function within her peer group. Even though her teachers wanted to help her more, they could not do so as they had a large class of 20+ students. Once those issues were brought to our attention, she was prescribed 27mg of Concerta and 10mg of Ritalin a day to function and maintain focus in class. Even though her behaviour and attentiveness improved in class, homework was almost impossible to accomplish. After school, her medication had worn off and she was extremely difficult to instruct.  She struggled to do just two or three pages of school work over a two to three hour time period.  The psychiatrist was insisting that we give her 10mg more of Ritalin to accomplish her studies at home, as well as a sleep aid to assist with her sleep schedule. At seven years old, that is entirely to much medication and this made us extremely uncomfortable.  We do not want our child taking such high dosages.  At that point, we decided to explore Da Vinci International at the recommendation of a friend of ours. Within 3 months of her attending Da Vinci, she was on ZERO medication, her focus and anger management had already begun to improve.  To date, our daughter has gain weight, is a happy loving child, and she has been maintaining an overall A average.   She isn't perfect; however, she is always thinking of someone else other than herself.

The outbursts and tantrums are almost non-existent.  She is learning how to control herself and verbalize her feelings, wants, and needs.  Da Vinci International has provided our daughter with the skills and opportunities otherwise not available in a normal educational environment that ensure her success. 

Their services go above and beyond a normal school environment. The educational success, mental maturity and social skills are detrimental to our children who require some special attention. The small classroom environments allow for this, and is worth every dime spent. Our children are the priority, and Da Vinci International believes that. Our daughters success is a testament to the services provided by them. I feel that the lessons learned with them are priceless, as they are preparing our countries future leaders with the tools they require to succeed in their adult lives and be productive members of society.

- Charity S.

”When I look back at where my son was when he began attending two years ago, I cannot express my gratitude. He came for a place of frustration, anger, low self esteem, and a poor sense of self worth. He hated going to school, and I was really concerned for him. Throughout these last two years, not only has he made incredibles strides in academics, but he has also regained his positive attitude. I am so happy that his nightmares are gone, he is able to handle frustration without allowing himself to lose control or became angry, and his stress level is greatly reduced. My son truly feels he can accomplish anything with hard work and determination. He looks forward to new challenges and has a new voice that he can use to express his needs in a positive way. The most important thing to me is that my son is happy and content with himself; Da Vinci International has helped give him that."

- Anne G.

”There are no words to express our gratitude for the help you have given our son and taught him to read. Your school has been like a second home, he never once complained about going to school, and just for that I could never repay you. Thank you for your kindness and patience, we will always treasure the memory of Da Vinci International.”

- Tanna M.

”If we haven't already done so, please allow us this opportunity to thank you for all that you  have done for our daughter this past school year.  She was actually  disappointed on days that she had doctor's appointments and had to miss school.  When we told our family this - they found it hard to believe.  Our daughter has friends, is more able to negotiate when she needs something within a group, and is learning how self-soothe when she is anxious/upset.  Above all, she is comfortable in her own skin and the person she is.  We have you, and all of  your staff to thank for that.  And for that, and everything else you have done for her, we are forever grateful.”

- Andrew and Rhonda M.

“Thank you for teaching our son how to learn. He is a better person because of you and we cant thank you enough.”

- Amber B.

”Our daughter was having trouble in several different areas of her academic career. Since being with Da Vinci International, she has come to enjoy school again. It is with complete confidence that we wholeheartedly recommend Da Vinci International.

Our daughter was having problems with Mathematics. She was afraid of Math and would actually have physical reaction to the thought of doing any Math work. She is a strong-willed child and was becoming combative with her teacher at the public school. DA Vinci International accepted her for who she was, assessed what she needed, and showed her that Math is nothing to be afraid of. Now, not only is she not afraid of Math, she is excelling and is above her required grade level, and more importantly she knows she has the ability to learn and understand it.

Our daughter was also having problems with her self esteem. A lot of it was steaming from her inability to do Math. But as with all little girls, she had some other insecurities as well. The loving environment at Leonardo Da Vinci Academy made it possible for our daughter to regain her sense of self worth. Now she is a happy and well adjusted young lady. Da Vinci International helped my daughter overcome many obstacles. If it were not for them, she may have been lost in the shuffle of public school. We will be forever grateful to them for the achievements and confidence that our daughter now possesses.”

- Steven and Angela K. 

”I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for my son. When he started here my child had no self-esteem and was always angry. You have done so much for him and we cannot express enough gratitude for all that you have done. He will miss you and this school. If I was able he would stay here with you. Thank you and please keep in touch, with all our love.”

- Danielle O.

“We can’t thank you enough for all you have done. The Lord put you and your family in our path just when we needed you. You have given my son the knowledge and confidence he needs to face High School. We will always be grateful and we will miss you.”

                                                                     - Maribel B.


Our job is to tailor an individualized school program according to the needs and capabilities of our students- so they can work and advance at their own pace and perform at their best.