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Tutorial Program

The teacher students ratio in our classes is 1: 6 to 8. This number permits the teacher to work with each students on one on one basis during the whole school day. We train our teachers on our Da Vinci International School System with the best courses to improve their coaching skills along with our holistic, interdisciplinary, and ethical approach to children’s education.

Development at the pace of the child

We teach our students to grow and develop to their full potential, the importance to be independent and to be in charge of their own education. We teach them to love learning and how to learn instead to teach them how to pass a test. 


Students who were performing as average students before been enrolled at Da Vinci International School understand our proposal, and follow the instructions of our teachers perform better than before. For our surprise a lot of them accomplish two years of education in one, start with a second or third language, or complete an associate degree by the time they received their High School Diploma. 

Students who came to our school with an unbalanced curriculum, struggling in one area, but are paradoxically overachievers in another area. At Da Vinci International School, they to level up, overcoming their challenges, and learning to take on their process learning in their hands with a successful attitude.

No homework policy

Since our students spend 6 hours in our tutorial program focussing on their own assignments and advancing at their own pace, there is no need for additional work at home. We encourage them to do extra-curricular activities such as music, sports, Soroban, Kumon, etc., as well as to enjoy substantial quality time with their families at home. 

Emotional Intelligence Support Program

Since the school’s philosophy is to develop children wholistically (intellectually, emotionally, and socially) teaching and correction of behavior is a continuous and constant part of the day. Da Vinci International provides a loving and familiar atmosphere at the school with high core values such as love and respect. When a need arises, the school provides counseling and psychological support according to each student’s needs. For Da Vinci International, learning is the norm and innovation becomes the standard.


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“Teachers to protect students from their parents’ beliefs ???”

Foreigner vs. International


On the right track...

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We teach our students to:

  1. BulletBecome independent

  2. BulletLove learning

  3. BulletEnjoy school life

  4. BulletSet tasks

  5. BulletWork hard

  6. BulletReach goals

  7. BulletHave fun after school