Da Vinci International School is calling new staff members to be part of our teamwork for Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary School, Jr High School, and High School for the school year 2017-2018.


1. Speak at least English and Japanese. Only for Senior University students, Semongako or University graduates within 2 years of graduation.

2. Love children and teenagers, and be open to learn different ways to work with them.

3. Understand the concepts of respecting authority, respecting coworkers, following instructions, and developing good communication skills.

4. Be responsible: be on time, and come to work every day.

5. High values: Our school keeps the following principles in the classroom: no violence, no bullying, no alcohol or drugs, gender definition by science concepts, no dating until College. The new prospect should agree with these principles.

6. The new prospect is not allowed to talk to the students about religion, or politics.

5. Be able to participate in the 4 months Da Vinci Volunteer Work, and Training Program from September to December according his or her schedule.

6. Visit and read all our website at www.davinci.okinawa

  1. 7.Send us an email in English at info@davinci.okinawa with a letter telling us why you want to join Da Vinci International School, your resume and a picture.



1, 英語・日本語話者であること。大学4年生・専門学校生・大学卒業後2年以内の者。

2, 子供が好きで、違った教育方針を学ぶ意欲があるもの。

3, 学校側の権力・同僚を尊重し、指示に従い、コミュニケーションスキルを磨く意欲のある者。

4, 責任を負います:時間通りになり、毎日働くことになります。

5, 4ヶ月のダビンシステムでのトレーニングに参加できる者。スタート9月、1月、5月(スケジュール相談可)

6, www.davinci.okinawa のウェブサイトをチェックすること

7, info@davinci.okinawa 宛に、ダビンチインターナショナルスクールでの勤務動機と写真、履歴書を英語で送付すること。

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e-mail: info@davinci.okinawa

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